Food Allergy Journal

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  • Discover the foods making your child’s eczema worse
  • Stay organized and keep track of your child’s eczema symptoms
  • Stop wondering what foods are causing your child’s eczema

Did you know certain foods can make your child’s eczema worse? Food allergies and eczema are related. If we can find our child’s triggers, then we can avoid them and prevent your child’s eczema from flaring.

The good news is that children can outgrow food allergies (although some are harder to outgrow than others). Part of the challenge of dealing with eczema is figuring out what food to give our children.

With this food journal and symptoms tracker, you won’t have to struggle with this anymore. Stay organized and keep track of your child’s food allergies!

Meet the founder of My Itchy Child!

My name is Jamie and I am a mom to 3 wonderful children with eczema. I am also a Dermatology Physician Assistant (PA) in the United States. I diagnose, prescribe medications and treat patients suffering from many dermatology conditions. 

Through personal experience, I understand how it is to care for children suffering from eczema. I experienced so much anguish and suffering trying to help my children’s eczema and it was a very difficult journey at times. It’s bad enough that children with eczema suffer, but the parents as well. It is my hope that through information provided in this book, your child with eczema will get much relief, as well as yourself!


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