There are many different gloves and products available to help prevent your child from scratching their face and body. I have used various eczema gloves for babies, including sleeves for my children and will discuss the pros and cons of my experience in this article.


eczema gloves for babies



Why your child should wear eczema gloves


My kids used to scratch themselves until they bled. It was heartbreaking. My oldest child was born in 2012 and back then, there were not many good products out there. There were mittens that came up to the wrist but they would fall off. When the Scratch Me Not sleeves became available, they were not on Amazon so I had to drive 2 hours to pick it up. This was in Southern California!


Luckily, with Amazon Prime these days you can buy almost anything and have it conveniently delivered to your home in 2 days. We are indeed living in amazing times!


If you’re asking the question, “Do eczema sleeves work?” the answer is an unequivocal, “YES!” The sleeves are an important tool to help prevent your child from scratching themselves silly and to break the scratch itch cycle. This is important because scratching can cause their skin to break and bleed, possibly causing an infection and unpleasant scars on their precious skin.


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What type of gloves should you buy?

There are three major eczema gloves for babies that I have found and personally use for my children.

1)    Scratch Me Not sleeves

2)    Handsocks Mittens

3)    Glove Mittens



Scratch Me Not sleeves

eczema gloves for babies

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They are nearly impossible to get off because they wrap around the shoulder and back. You can flip the ends of the sleeves at the hand to either open It or close it. When it is closed and covered, there is an outer silk surface. When your child tries to scratch their face, they will rub their face with a delicate and soft surface instead of tearing up their skin. It is easy to wash and easy to keep track of because there is only one piece of apparel instead of a pair of gloves.

I have personally used this on all 3 children. They are very durable and have lasted several months for me.


Handsocks Mitten

eczema gloves for eczema babies

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They are similar to the Scratch Me Nots except they look like socks that go over the hands. The inside part of the mitten that contacts the hands is made of fabric containing modal (cotton+spandex). They are good for winter as they keep the arms warm. They still work well in the summer to protect their face from scratching. The downside is that there are two pieces of clothing to keep track of. It flips open so their hands are free to grab objects and work on developing hand eye coordination.

I use both the handsocks mitten and scratch me nots. I think the handsocks are very useful during winter to keep my child’s hands warm. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with either.


Eczema gloves for babies

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These are light and good to use in the summer. The downside is that they can be removed by older babies so they are more appropriate for newborns to 6-month-old infants. Once babies do develop better coordination, you are better off using Handsocks or Scratch Me Nots.


How do I stop my baby from scratching his face?


There are many techniques to keep your baby from scratching his face. Click here to learn more!



How do I use eczema gloves?

It’s best to use a good moisturizer on your child’s hand to help moisturize the skin. Afterward, place the gloves over his hand. This will help keep the hands hydrated because he will not be able to wipe away the cream.




There are many options when choosing eczema gloves for babies. I have found the ones mentioned above to be the best in regards to protecting their faces while scratching and also ease of use. They are durable and soft for a baby’s skin and I have been happy with them thus far. What about you? Have you found something else that is helpful? Please feel free to leave your comment below!