It is very common for children with eczema to develop a rash on their eyelids. However, it can be something else such as contact dermatitis so please make sure you see your doctor first to get the correct diagnosis. In this article, I will discuss the best eyelid eczema treatment yet! 


Best Eyelid Eczema Treatment Yet


Is it really eczema? 


Eczema on the eyelid can be very itchy, just like eczema on other parts of the body. The skin can become pink or red, scaly and dry. It is very similar to eczema on other parts of the body but the biggest difference is that the eyelid skin is thinner than other parts of the body. It is very important to know what to apply on the eyelid. 



How to Treat Eyelid Eczema

Steroids are an important tool for treating eczema. There is much bad press about steroids but it can be a very helpful tool to help control eczema flare-ups. The important thing to remember is that continuous, long term use of topical steroids is not good. It should rather be used as a tool to help control eczema and the inflammation process before it takes over. 

With that said, a mild steroid such as hydrocortisone 1% cream is a good place to start. This is readily available over the counter. Again, discuss with your doctor before using this. 

And I cannot emphasize this enough but please make sure you use a good moisturizer after applying the steroid cream. The best time to use steroids and moisturizer is within 3 minutes after a bath when the skin is hydrated. 

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How do you treat eczema on eyelids naturally?


There are many “natural” treatment options out there that people have tried. The choice is yours if you want to embark down the road, but it is a path less studied. Many treatment options offered by medical doctors have gone through rigorous research and testing. The same cannot be said of most natural, or “alternative” treatment options.

Personally, I have tried various oils such as coconut oil and olive oil. I did not have issues or side effects with these. On the other hand, I did not find them too helpful, so I stopped using them. 


Can I put strong steroid creams on my eyelid?


If a stronger steroid other than over the counter hydrocortisone cream is warranted, it should be under the guidance of a medical doctor due to the thin nature of eyelids. Prolonged use of steroids or using very potent steroids can cause thinning of the skin and other unwanted side effects. 


What can I put on itchy eyelids?


After washing or bathing your child, apply a moisturizer with an emollient cream. Creams that are used for eczema on other parts of the body is a good way to moisturize the eyelids. Afterward, apply topical steroids if there is a flare-up of eczema on eyelids. 

Here’s a list of moisturizers which are good for eczema


Does Vaseline help eyelid eczema?


Vaseline is a protective barrier made of mineral oil and wax. It doesn’t hydrate or moisturize the skin, but it helps lock in moisture. It is best used after bathing and the skin is hydrated. After applying an emollient cream as a moisturizer, apply vaseline to help seal in the hydration.




Remember the skin on eyelids is thinner than other areas of the body so be wary and careful of using strong steroid creams. Emollient creams can be helpful and so can vaseline. There are alternative treatment options, but it’s best to talk to your doctor if you decide to go down that road. I hope this helps!